The i3P portal is a collaborative hub for its community of infrastructure contractors, infrastructure owners, and industry innovators/SMEs to encourage innovation.

The challenge

The Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) is a community of client and supply organizations in the infrastructure and construction industries working together to develop innovative projects.

i3P is a primary driver for innovation in the UK infrastructure industry, helping to direct innovation to address major challenges in the sector.

i3P needed to update its existing portal to create a more collaborative hub for its community of infrastructure contractors, infrastructure owners, and industry innovators/SMEs to encourage innovation. At the same time, the platform needed to provide its members with different user experiences and permissions for different user types.

They needed to create a platform where:

  • Challenges could be shared to provide a better focus on knowledge gaps
  • Infrastructure community members could easily connect
  • Impactful innovations and projects could be collaborated on across organizations
  • The value of re-applied knowledge could be shared
  • Feedback could be given on challenges within certain projects
  • Industry news and events could be shared to enable cross-industry opportunities

The solution

i3P required an ‘out of the box’ solution that provided workflows and a high level of customization. The previous supplier had built a portal from scratch that was too admin intensive, complex to customize, and difficult to use, therefore underutilized by members. To create a platform that would truly benefit its community, i3P decided to utilize Skipso’s powerful innovation management software.

In the short span of just four weeks, Skipso gathered all the necessary requirements and implemented the new platform ready for the community to start using straight away.

The platform has given i3P and its community the ability to:

  • Provide users with recommendations on community members and innovations that are most relevant to them
  • Post and collaborate on innovations
  • Post project updates from the i3P & external communities
  • Post and apply to community challenges
  • Network and connect with community members who can help advance ideas

Skipso’s customer success team works closely with i3P to ensure that the platform is continuously enhanced and that additional value can be provided to the community.

The results

By utilizing Skipso's platform, i3P fulfilled all of its requirements in providing key Infrastructure industry players in the UK with a base to collaborate on innovations.

i3P has seen an uptake in activity on the platform and has received positive feedback from community members that see many benefits to the portal update. The new platform launch has been promoted to stakeholders at events across the infrastructure industry, attracting hundreds of new members to share and collaborate on industry innovation.

William Readaway, Senior Lead at i3P, comments: “Skipso are easy to work with, very responsive to our needs, and always make time for us. The platform is neat and easy to navigate, as well as being highly configurable so that it could be adapted to our process instead of having to follow a generic workflow.”