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Innovation is a rapidly evolving field, driven by the fast pace of technology and the ever-changing market. Our service focuses on creating a link between corporations and startups, leveraging the strengths of both to drive innovation forward. We have a worldwide network of experts in various fields, allowing us to stay at the forefront of emerging trends. Our team can help you navigate the rapidly changing landscape of innovation.


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Tech Scouting

Our technology scouting services help your organization discover the most innovative technologies, startups, and innovators.
Our scouting team is dedicated to researching and profiling startups within your focus areas.
We offer technology scouting services for Open Calls, along with non-stop scouting services that allow for the continuous monitoring of the innovation ecosystem for the identification of start-ups and innovators.
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Co-Innovation Hub

Some innovation leaders need help when it comes to structuring and attracting public interest for their program.
The Co-Innovation Hub is a platform that gives you access to networks, expertise and community you need to succeed.
An international network of incubators, accelerators, VCs and tech parks. The Co-Innovation Hub aims to develop international relations to promote collaborative innovation. with the most innovative incubators or accelerators, startups and scaleups in the world.
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Additional Services

Design your platform

With over a decade of experience in the field of innovation, we possess extensive industry expertise to aid in the design of a tailored platform to meet your specific needs.


Our company helps organizations co-design projects with startups / SMEs with the aim of defining an experiment that can be applied to the sector in question.

Hybrid Outpost

We work with several Physical-digital global outposts to monitor local ecosystems, for startup scouting, communication and selection activities.

Tap into our partners

We work with leading global innovation consultancies to help you design your innovation programs.

Managing innovation from start to finish

We possess a streamlined framework that enables you to attain significant outcomes within a limited timeframe.