The Padang Innovation Ecosystem is an open innovation platform helping global organizations address business challenges through innovation.

The challenge

The Padang Innovation Ecosystem is an open innovation platform based in Singapore. Leading global corporations and organizations come to Padang to help them address business challenges through innovation. In order to find game-changing solutions to problems, Padang scouts innovative startups and SMEs, then runs pilot programs with corporations so that they can scale those solutions together. As part of this mission they run hackathons, innovation challenges, accelerators and incubators.

The Padang Ecosystem is a community driven platform, with different thematic hubs focused on different verticals including Agriculture, Smarter Cities, Food, Health and Sustainability.  The Hubs foster innovative ideas, people, and working styles. The Ecosystem also stores a network of co-working spaces and government organizations, to help foster innovation across all spheres. 

With the objective to bring all its innovation assets together, Padang wanted to organize its innovation ecosystem on a dedicated digital platform that would allow them to manage all the organization's open calls and challenges, facilitate networking, and store all the company's resources, events and opportunities.


The solution

Padang took full advantage of Skipso modular offering, utilizing the Open Call and Challenges, Portfolio management functionality and Innovation Ecosystem modules to run its Hub. 

The platform has allowed Padang to manage different tenant platforms through the central platform, where they are able to partner with different organizations to run various Innovation Challenges. 

The platform allows program teams to create and launch challenges, customize application forms, and manage all submissions efficiently. Participants can then apply to open calls through a seamless and tailored user-experience with custom-designed pages, progress tracking, and deadline notifications.  External judges can be invited to the platform to make evaluations through scorecards. 

As more users join the platform they are able to be profiled in the user directory. Padang is using this directory to build up a network of innovation users. 

The platform allows for different admins managers and accessibility to the platform is configured according to the user types. 

Furthermore, Padang uses the platform to inform their growing user base of upcoming events, new opportunities, and open calls, as well as conduct info sessions, seminars, and webinars. The platform helps facilitate and organize all their initiatives while allowing the users to discover content relevant to their interests through the recommendation engine.

The results

Utilizing Skipso’s Padang has been able to centralize all its innovation initiatives in one place. In less than a year since the launch of the platform Padang has launched 6 innovation challenges (including the Infinite City Challenge, SEA OIC, HPCIC, OCBC, SGmobility & Rfox) 

All the programs can either be managed on the HUB or on dedicated tenant platforms. Tenant platforms allow for more customization and branding according to the requirements of the partner. This has enabled a more efficient process for Padang when partnering with different organizations to launch initiatives. 

As they work to continue to build the platform’s database Skipso’s Innovation Ecosystem module will continue to help the company manage all of its stakeholders. 

With the success of the platform, Padang has decided to become a strategic partner for Skipso in the Asian region.