Deloitte & Regione Puglia

Deloitte is the consulting firm enlisted to help the region of Puglia to drive its social and economic development through various initiatives.

The challenge

Regione Puglia is the administrative body governing the region of Puglia in Italy, while Deloitte is the consulting firm enlisted to help the region drive its social and economic development through various initiatives.

As part of a renewed push for socio-economic growth in Puglia, Deloitte was looking for a technology provider who could act as a strategic partner in the region’s quest for innovation and sustained development.


The solution

Regione Puglia and Deloitte entrusted Skipso with helping them manage two initiatives conceived by the region and aimed at fostering an innovative microclimate through the collection, evaluation and implementation of creative projects and initiatives.

The first innovation call, Call4Ideas, was open to the general public. It targeted public and non-profit organizations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and community groups, challenging them to submit ideas for projects that could boost growth in the region of Puglia. To manage the entire process, Skipso customized their online innovation solution, which collected and visualized all idea submissions, crowdsourced feedback and enabled crowd voting.

The second call for innovation, Call2Action, focused on sourcing creativity from the region by asking startups to formally propose innovative solutions to regional challenges. The solutions had to be based on the startups’ own products and services, with the goal of creating opportunities for them- selves and the region.                      

Using the Skipso-powered platform, the entries resulting from the two innovation calls were presented in the shape of downloadable attachments, summary reports, analytics, and evaluation grids which greatly facilitated the decision-making process of the judges. After the round of judging was completed, the winners of each innovation call were announced at a formal event.

The results

Thanks to the custom innovation platforms built by Skipso, Deloitte and the Region of Puglia were able to collect valuable ideas for projects and initiatives they could implement, thus driving the sustainable socio-economic growth of their region. The platform aided them in easily collecting the ideas and project proposals, efficiently reviewing them, and swiftly deciding on those that could bring on the greatest impact for the region.