Launch of FoodTech Accelerator with the aim of scouting innovative startups in the food industry.

The challenge

Deloitte is considered one of the leaders at the forefront of the innovation industry, with dedicated global innovation hubs focused on pioneering the most advanced technologies and solutions in the world.  

Every year Deloitte Italy launches a FoodTech Accelerator with the aim of scouting innovative startups in the food industry. Through managing hundreds of Accelerator applications Deloitte is developing a sizeable database of startups.

To maintain this database Delottie looked for a solution which could help it effectively map all data, assets and resources from its accelerator programs in one centralized place.


The solution

Utilizing Skipso Innovation Ecosystem product, Deloitte is able to consolidate data from all its Accelerator programs on a centralized platform that is customized for the organization's unique taxonomy and relationship patterns.

Deloitte is able to gain important insights into relevant startups, facilitate relationships between key stakeholders and startups, and discover new technologies which can address its innovation challenges.

Through the platforms advanced search functionality admins can easily browse through the database, and make matches between entities either manually or through a specifically configured matching algorithm. Platform administrators can also integrate data from other sources directly to the database, with all data on the platform being easily exportable as well.

The Innovation Ecosystem product allows for very granular privacy setting, which guarantee Deloitte the desired level of data security it needs.

The results

Deloitte partnership with Skipso has proved to be a successful venture. Deloitte has been able to manage hundreds of accelerator applications through the platform, and is able to store all startup portfolios and assets on its customized database.

The organization utilizes the platform on an ongoing basis with the goal of building the most comprehensive food industry database. Building on the success of this project, Deloitte has plans to develop similar databases for other key industries for the organization.