Colorado Department of Transportation

RoadX is an initiative of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), formed with the vision of advancing innovative solutions to help address road safety issues in the USA.

The challenge

Skipso worked with RoadX to help the organization facilitate a series of innovation challenges which would ask the public for solutions to the most pressing road safety issues.

The Rural Road Safety Challenge

Concerned by a country-wide study which found that while rural roads only carry less than half of America’s traffic they account for 53% of traffic fatalities, the CDOT wanted to develop a series of challenges, open to the public, that would address this issue.  

The goal of the challenges would be to source innovative technologies to prevent potential road hazards. The challenges would address three key transport issues: Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions, Soft Shoulders and Sharp Turns.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge

In another earlier project the CDOT wanted to address the issue of the high rate of road fatalities for Cyclists and Pedestrians in the country.  To do so, the CDOT was interested in initiating a challenge which would ask entrepreneurs and ideators to come up with solutions to help keep these two groups safe on the road.


The solution

To help facilitate its challenge programs the CDOT required a robust innovation management software platform with a simple-to-use interface, which would allow users to easily make submissions and allow judges to effortlessly make evaluations.

Utilizing Skipso modular customizable platform, the CDOT was able to easily manage the end-to-end workflow of its innovation challenges. The platform provided them with:                                

  • A standalone website, with an intuitive interface, to help users easily make challenge submissions
  • Customizable submission forms, which can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the program at each stage of evaluation
  • Virtually endless application attachment format options, including: videos, images documents, drawings and presentations
  • Gamification and crowd voting tools which would allow judges to easily make submissions evaluations

The results

The RoadX Rural Road challenge was successful in receiving well over 100 submissions for the first of their series of challenges: The Wildlife Crossing Challenge. The CDOT is looking to build on the success of its first challenge in its upcoming challenges.

The RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian challenge was also incredibly successful in receiving a number of promising applications. The CDOT awarded 5 winners with $10,000 and 3 winners with $75,000 to build a proof of concept for their ideas. Some of the winning ideas of the program included: solar panels designed to illuminate paths, illuminated LED raised pavement markers to increase visibility of bikers and a bicycle bell which would collect important information for planning and maintenance of bike paths.