California Energy Commission

Empower Innovation is an initiative of the California Energy Commission, in partnership with leading California technology accelerators.

The challenge

As part of an initiative to foster clean technology innovation for communities in California and globally, the California Energy Commission had the vision to launch the Empower Innovation Network; a cleantech community platform designed to break down barriers for its entrepreneurs.

The network would serve as a space for innovators to have easy access to:

  • Funding Opportunities - Access to one of the largest online collections of cleantech funding opportunities
  • Accelerator Programs - Opportunities for Innovators and startups to apply to incubator and accelerator programs
  • Referral Networks - Prominent firms and members can bring their solutions and resources directly to the platform, where there are options for collaborating and coordinating projects between different entities
  • Cleantech Resources -  The platform would house an extensive body of cleantech resources including libraries, tools, and databases

The solution

Skipso’s Innovation Ecosystem product provided an ideal software solution to help The California Energy Commission and its partners build a powerful platform which would serve as a resource database for the cleantech community.

Skipso worked with Network partners to build a customized platform that would help facilitate an ecosystem of cleantech innovation.

The platform includes the following key features:          

  • Dedicated modules where platform users, including technology innovators, local communities, funding providers, architects & engineers, technology adapters, startups services and others in the cleantech community, can be profiled
  • Highly customizable search criteria which has been tailored to the entire cleantech ecosystem
  • Social and collaboration modules which facilitate interaction between entities in the community. These include features such as community sharing and direct messaging
  • Users can easily access a comprehensive database of industry events, news, tools and resources
  • The platform provides highly granular privacy settings, which are flexible based on roles and access rights

The results

Utilizing Skipso’s advanced Innovation Ecosystem technology, the California Energy Commission and its partners were able to build a powerful platform which provides the cleantech community with a dedicated space where they can access curated resources and connect to people and organizations working to advance a clean energy economy for all.

With the growing global demand for more sustainable technologies and a cleaner economy, the Empower Innovation Network platform serves a major role in helping to connect the cleantech community and promote funding opportunities for cleantech solutions.

Skipso continues to work in partnership with the California Energy Commission and its partners to help build upon the strengths of the platform, as registered users on the network continue to increase.