Terna launched Terna Ideas, an open call for ideas to promote a culture of innovation in the company.

The challenge

Terna is one of Italy’s major energy transmission grid operators. The company focuses heavily on fostering innovation within the organization, working to develop innovative projects related to relevant technology trends for its business. 

With the objective to help nurture internal innovation Terna launched Terna Ideas, an open call for ideas to promote a culture of innovation in the company, drive entrepreneurship and support the company's objective to develop innovative solutions for its product offerings. 

To help launch the program, the company needed to employ a digital platform that would help it both manage user applications and stimulate user engagement.


The solution

To help the company manage the TERNA IDEAS challenge Skipso created an ad hoc platform in line with TERNA’s exact needs. Thanks to a highly customized platform configuration, it was possible to manage the entire innovation process: from the collection of proposals, to the processing of information, to the evaluation of ideas, and the tracking of the KPIs achieved during each phase of the project.


After choosing one of the innovation macro-areas proposed by the company, participants had the option of proposing their ideas and selecting the teams they would work with to develop the ideas further. Thanks to this functionality, it was possible to facilitate the creation of joint teams between idea creators and users who wanted to join the initiatives already proposed by other employees.


Following internal pre-selection of the ideas an evaluation flow was enabled for the judges. Through the platform the jury was able to evaluate the innovativeness of each proposed idea through defined criteria on scorecards.


After the selection phase, the teams of the selected ideas embarked on a mentoring process with an assigned coach. A personalized flow was activated for each mentor that allowed them to guide the teams. 

Furthermore, during the mentoring process, users had the possibility to access specific sections of the platform both to consult useful materials for developing their own idea and to upload key deliverables such as a Business Plan or the Poc Presentation.


Following the coaching phase, a second stream of evaluations was prepared in conjunction with  final live events. As a result, the jury had the opportunity to evaluate the ideas, the teams, and the reference mentors.

The winners selected during the Pitch Day will see their projects implemented within the company.


Skipso customized the design and features of its innovation solution, facilitating each phase of the project and ensuring a seamless user flow. This was possible thanks to the configuration of specific features:

• Management of user applications;

• Personalized flow for each user type;

• Collection of proposed ideas;

• Creation of joint teams for each idea;

• Internal messaging;

• Evaluation of ideas by the jury;

• Selection of the most relevant ideas;

• Assignment of mentors for each idea;

• Consultation of useful materials;

• Upload of Key Deliverables;

• Tracking of project KPIs;

• Creation of reports for each phase.

The results

The adoption of Skipso’s platform allowed the company to establish an Internal Innovation process that has benefited the company both in the short and the long-term.

Terna saw a high engagement rate for the project with over 500 users registered for the project and over 400 ideas submitted.  The company was able to identify many new ideas and solutions that could address the company's main challenges, with over 140 ideas evaluated and 14 ideas selected.   

Terna also reported a positive impact within the company culture seeing that employees were incredibly eager to get involved in the project and spread the culture of innovation internally. In this way, the platform was able to be used as a channel to give employees a voice, find practical solutions and enhance company know-how.