Eurovita’s HR and communication department initiated a company-wide idea challenge to engage employees and provide valuable insights about innovative solutions for the organisation.

The challenge

Employee engagement is one of the key pillars of leading Italian insurance agency Eurovita’s HR and organizational strategy. Recognizing the importance of motivating its workforce and boosting company morale, Eurovita was interested in initiating an engagement program amongst its hundreds of employees.

Eurovita’s HR and communication department proposed the concept of an company-wide idea challenge, which would not only help to engage employees but also provide valuable insights about solutions to ensure the company remains competitive in the marketplace.

The challenge focused around answering a question on how EuroVita could continue to excel through innovative ideas and solutions in an increasingly competitive market and amongst increasingly demanding consumers.


The solution

Eurovita needed to employ a robust innovation management platform which would help the organization effectively manage the internal idea challenge. Eurovita choose to use Skipso’s Innovation Portfolio module to facilitate the idea submission and evaluation process with ease.

The platform included the following notable features:

  • Through an initiative and engaging interface employees could easily make idea submissions
  • The client could effortlessly configure predefined scorecards to streamline the evaluation of idea submissions
  • Key stakeholders could easily provide feedback on ideas
  • Ideas could be assigned to specific judges
  • Virtual Incentives: In order to increase the likelihood of engagement for the program, Eurovita was interested in incentivizing employees through a virtual currency employees could utilize to redeem for products and services

The results

Utilizing Skipso innovation management technology Eurovita was able to engage employees to contribute with valuable ideas through its idea challenge.

Around 50% of Eurovita’s employees participated in the internal challenges making it a huge success for the company. The organization received a number of valuable insights from the program which served to help inform its future organizational strategy.  

Employee engagement continues to be a central priority for Eurovitas HR and communications team. The internal challenge helped to foster a culture of innovation which made a positive impact on the organization.