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Align business challenges with tailored solutions on an integrated marketplace platform.

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A platform for business solutions

Skipso empowers organisations to harness the collective creativity of their teams and experts by providing a dynamic platform to source business solutions.


Establish a community where teams can consistently post calls for innovative business solutions.


Match business challenges with solutions through an algorithm.


Promote ongoing communication and collaboration within the platform.


Create a repository and database housing a wide array of business solutions.

Find business solution

Effortlessly access a diverse range of business solutions all in one platform.

Post challenges

Organizations can effortlessly post challenges or business problems that they are facing. These challenges can range from improving internal processes to developing new products or services.

Submit Ideas

Members of the organization or external entities are encouraged to submit their innovative ideas and solutions to address these posted challenges.

Match challenges and solutions

Leverage advanced algorithms to seamlessly match specific business challenges with the most suitable solutions.


Leverage our matchmaking algorithms that automatically match the best ideas with the corresponding challenges. This matchmaking functionality ensures that the most promising solutions are seamlessly connected with the challenges.

Collaborate and refine

Once matched, teams can collaborate to further refine and develop the selected ideas. Through communications channels on the platform ideas evolve into actionable strategies.


Build an active vibrant community of idea development.

Community development

Engage with fellow members, share insights, and build upon each other's ideas. Together, amplify creativity and drive impactful change within organizations.

Resource and event directory

Engage the community with relevant events or resources pertaining to your innovation initiative.

Since 2021 Snam has been collaborating with Skipso for the development of Snaminnova.

Competence, passion, and dedication are the main qualities that are evident from the team from day one. Skipso's team is responsive to our every need and supports us in the daily evolution of the platform, a key asset for our Open Innovation strategy.
Giuseppe Paoli
Digital Transformation & Technology, Open Innovation Hub, Snaminnova
eleonora venuti

Skipso supported us to design, develop and launch the Federated Innovation @MIND digital platform.

The digital platform has a complex organizational structure and continually updated content and flows – Skipso's strength is its flexibility and proactive support!
Eleonora Venuti
Marketing & Business Community Manager,  MIND

The features available through the software are a big reason why we initially chose and continue to choose Skipso to run our challenges.

The ability to match startups to mentors within the system is important to us.
Jessica Smothermon
Director Operations, Cleantech Open
Amber J. Y.

I cannot imagine how much longer it would have taken

and how much more it would have cost to launch our ideation initiative without the Skipso Labs platform. It has been wonderful to house all of the information and processes in one place.
Amber J. Y.
Senior Program Manager, Hsc Next

In 2019, Skipso helped IsDB set up our Innovation platform ‘Engage’.

The platform was a complete ecosystem of entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and mentors from academia. Since then the highly responsive and enthusiastic team from SkipsoLabs has helped us to establish Engage as a well-known innovation hub.
Innovation Team
Islamic Development Bank

The Skipso team has worked incredibly hard to make the program an outstanding success.

The team’s effort as well as the high flexibility of their online awards management platform were absolutely essential for the great overall success of this program!
Arne Pingel
Global Product Manager, Syngenta

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