The Ultimate Guide to Building an Innovation Ecosystem for Public Sector Organizations and Industry Associations

Today, the emergence of new technologies and the accessibility of open data has created a space in which public sector organizations and industry associations can delve into new strategic avenues that advance innovation in society.

As gatekeepers or nurturers of different sectors, entities, and communities, public sector organizations and associations 
are uniquely positioned to facilitate an innovation ecosystem; an open system of innovation that fosters a community 
of exchange, interaction, and creative problem-solving.

In this eBook, and accompanying print out strategy template, we will discuss step-by-step how to build an innovation ecosystem platform, examining:

  • Startup profiles were listed in a customized directory
  • Key considerations for getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Selecting the right infrastructure for building an ecosystem
  • Important administrative considerations
  • An outline of obstacles to overcome
  • Defining the content of an ecosystem

Download the eBook and strategy template to learn more about launching ecosystem projects as a public sector organization or association to drive innovation in your arena.

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