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Skipso launches the Co-Innovation Hub

An international network of incubators, accelerators, and startups aiming to foster innovation with corporations

June 21, 2022 - Skipso has announced the launch of the Co-Innovation Hub, an innovation ecosystem brings together larger organisations like corporates, government and NGOs with incubators, accelerators and startups to collaborate and promote open innovation on a global scale.

The Co-Innovation Hub supports strategic innovation by facilitating direct matches between corporations and startups. It offers a variety of services to innovation players in its network:

  • Allowing accelerators, incubators, and startups to gain exposure on a global scale and connect with innovative organizations;
  • Providing opportunities for organizations to promote their innovation activities, work on co-innovation projects, and access an ever-expanding network of international startups;
  • Offering startups access to the latest innovation opportunities promoted by national and international organizations.

As a result, the Co-Innovation Hub serves all stakeholders. Organizations, accelerators and incubators are able to promote their innovation initiatives while discovering new solutions developed by startups. While startups have the opportunity to directly connect with organizations and access new business opportunities such as Open Calls, Hackathons, Challenges and Innovation Ecosystems.

With more than 160 international partners, the Co-Innovation Hub is a dynamic and constantly growing platform. The Co-Innovation Hub aims to reduce the gap between corporates and startups, enabling them to advance innovation and respond to the challenges of today's market.

Skipso has become one of the leading international innovation management players, offering cutting-edge technology and advisor services to leading companies, universities, government agencies, accelerators, and nonprofits worldwide.  By launching the new Co-Innovation Hub, Skipso now offers companies the opportunity to connect with the startup ecosystems, facilitating the introduction of innovation within their sector.

"We are pleased to launch the Co-Innovation Hub, an international network dedicated to innovation," comments Carlo Soresina, co-founder and CEO of Skipso, "The Hub facilitates innovation match-making, bringing tangible short and long benefits to both companies and startups. Our international network will connect our corporate clients to global innovation ecosystems of incubators and accelerators to enable all parties to advance innovation."

"For us, the Co-Innovation Hub is a 'innovation ecosystem': where accelerators, incubators, startups, and SMEs have the opportunity to connect with our corporate clients, allowing them to experiment and valid innovative solutions with high growth potential," added by Ivan Cazzol, Head of Sales and Innovation at Skipso. "From this perspective, the Co-Innovation Hub is allowing businesses to respond to new market challenges and advance their competitive foothold."

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