How to manage your corporate innovation process

This ebook examines the management of innovation in corporate organizations, following all the main steps that go from the initial strategy to the final assessment.


Strategy and plans are the essential starting point of the whole process: its all about how you manage your growth process in order to attain optimal results.

Planning also means defining how you want to measure your results, in order to give your stakeholders a clear picture of the company’s objectives and intentions.


This stage combines technology and customer knowledge in order to identify market opportunities. It is all about transforming ideas into technological possibilities.

Innovation development concerns the process of moving a prototype lead to a complete innovation, while also improving the technology.


The following steps consist in transforming your idea into a finished product, starting with market development.

Once you have successfully sold your product/service, you can experience the benefit of increased efficiency and productivity that will improve your brand and build your reputation.

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