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GPT Prompts for innovation

In just a few short months, one technology has revolutionized the way we work. OpenAI's ChatGPT has garnered significant attention since its launch in late 2022, attracting millions of users who have discovered innovative ways to utilize the platform in their work.

At Skipso, we pondered how Innovation Managers could leverage ChatGPT to advance the innovation process. So we thought it would be beneficial to compile a list of Prompts to utilize ChatGPT to support the innovation process. Explore some creative innovation prompts below!

Support your innovation strategy

Develop strategy frameworks for implementing innovation 

Identify your innovation focus areas 

Prompt: You are the leader of an innovation project within a company operating in the renewable energy sector. Your task is to create a priority map that will help evaluate the key innovation focus areas for the company. Please format your evaluation in a table format, considering relevant factors.

Innovation focus area prompt

Map innovation trends

Prompt: Please create a table to map the current innovation trends in the automotive industry. Identify and describe key innovation areas, technologies, or trends that are shaping the industry. Format your response in a table with columns for innovation area, description, and impact on the industry. 

Map innovation trends prompts

Design an Innovation program framework

Prompt: Please provide a framework for designing an innovation program. Explain the key components or steps involved in the framework. Please structure in table.

Innovation program framework prompt


Streamline your startup evaluation 

Utilise ChatGPT to develop scorecards to help you effectively evaluate startups 

Scorecard for evaluating products/startups 

Prompt: As an innovation manager evaluating the feasibility of a startup's product or service, you need to create a scorecard to assess its viability and highlight the maturity of the technology involved. Please create a scorecard in a table format to evaluate the product or service, considering relevant factors.

Scorecard for evaluating products/startups prompt

Develop your pipeline 

Do you want to build a solid innovation pipeline use Chat!

Build a pipeline for ideas

Prompt: Your innovation program actively encourages and welcomes ideas from employees. Please suggest an innovation pipeline stage specifically tailored for ideas originating from employees. Format your response in a table with columns for the stage and its description.

Build a pipeline for ideas prompt

Measure Innovation

Struggling to identify effective measures of success for your innovation program? Get valuable insights and recommendations from ChatGPT!

Identify KPIs to utilise for the innovation program  

Prompt: As a member of an innovation team, I am tasked with identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of our open innovation performance. Could you please provide me with a set of KPIs that can effectively evaluate the outcomes of our open innovation efforts? Please present your response in a table format for ease of reference.

Identify Innovation KPI prompt


ChatGPT can greatly enhance the way innovation managers approach innovation! There are endless use cases where great prompts can support the innovation process.

By leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities, innovation managers can tap into its wealth of insights, generate novel ideas, gain alternative perspectives, and access up-to-date information on industry trends and best practices.

We hope that you can find interesting cues from the prompts above! Happy innovating!

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