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Cluster Crowd Open Innovation: The first innovation program of Cluster Fabrica Intelligence and Skipso

On the 7th of April 2022, the final event of the Cluster Crowd Open Innovation (CCOI) project, an initiative of Cluster Fabrica Intelligence (CFI), Italy’s leading manufacturing industry cluster, in collaboration with Skipso was held at A&T Automation & Testing fair in Turin.

The Open Manufacturing Innovation event presented the eight most promising startups in Italy's industrial and manufacturing sector. The startups were identified after careful selection and analysis by the innovation experts at Skipso and the associate companies of CFI.

After an initial introduction by Paolo Vercesi, Cluster Manager of CFI, an open discussion was held between Guido Colombo, President, and CEO of Orchestra, Paolo Gianoglio, Director of Innovation, Development, and Associate Relations of ICIM Group, and Andrea del Core, Sales Director Manufacturing and Logistic of Nokia, on the importance of Open Innovation as a key asset in accelerating business growth.

The CCOI project underlined the value that innovation brings to the manufacturing sector, as Luca Manuelli, President of CFI remarked: "The development and application of innovation have become a main driver for the progression of manufacturing companies. It is important to help support innovative startups and SMEs to address the challenges of the manufacturing industry together."

After the initial discussion Skipso introduced the CCOI project and the eight finalist startups presented their innovative visions to CFI members. The startups showcased innovative technological solutions, such as  robotic applications, digitized industrial products, and new supply chain solutions for the recycling of industrial waste.

Ivan Cazzol, Head of Innovation at Skipso, explained: "It is essential to create a synergy between large companies and startups in order to encourage and foster a market focused on innovation. By using innovative approaches, companies can identify growth opportunities and improve their business strategies, thus ultimately expanding their competitive foothold.  The CCOI project had been developed for CFI with this objective in mind ".

The event was concluded by Alessandro Marini, Cluster Manager of the Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia and member of the board of directors of CFI.

Developed in October 2021, the CCOI project aimed to promote innovation in the manufacturing sector, involving members and partners of CFI in helping to define the key areas of innovation that scouting of startups could address. Skipso identified matches between startups and members of CFI to encourage the introduction of innovation in these companies, the production chain and within the wider industry market.

Companies involved in the project included: Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Oracle, Nokia, 3Ds Dassault Systems, Vibram, Cosberg, HIT, Eurosuole, CentroCot, Tenova, Galdi, Biesse, Fameccanica, Schnell, HSD, Autodesk, Streparava and Elica.

The A&T Automation & Testing exhibition presented an ideal stage to host the event and to present the most innovative technologies that startups are implementing in the industrial sector, a unique opportunity to learn about the future of smart manufacturing.

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