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An introduction to Electrolux

At SkipsoLabs we foster global innovation by providing the best enterprise innovation software solutions, bringing end-to-end innovation processes into a single tool. We help private and public organizations harness the creativity of their employees, customers, and external innovators to find and co-create solutions to internal challenges quickly and cost-effectively. Our SkipsoLabs team assists Electrolux in scouting for the most innovative start-ups and solutions from around the world.

In this blog post, we will present a summary of the Electrolux case study that you can download at the end of the article, in which we talk about the relationship we have formed with the Electrolux team and, in particular, why they chose to work with us.

A strong partnership

The SkipsoLabs team works closely with Electrolux’s Open Innovation Director, Lucia Chierchia, to identify innovative products and solutions for their key strategic areas to gain a competitive edge in the world of appliances.

There is a large global network of potential partners who could have helped Electrolux discover new ideas, but Electrolux chose us as one of its preferred partners. They realized that the Open Innovation model is the most effective way to accelerate innovation and knew that, with the help of SkipsoLabs, they could create synergy between internal and external innovators worldwide.

In the last four years, they have run multiple Open Innovation initiatives, and SkipsoLabs set up a dedicated Open Innovation platform for them, where they can promote their Open Calls and other initiatives. SkipsoLabs also provides Market Outreach, leveraging the global innovation ecosystems around the world.

Our methodology

Our highly specialized team works closely with the customer team to offer unique methods and skills. The level of support we offer is clear in Electrolux’s outcomes. We provide Electrolux with a dedicated, branded, and customizable online platform that is continuously expanding, allowing us to create an even stronger partnership with them.

For this particular case study, our team worked on the Open Call planning and setup, prepared for ecosystem engagement, and established the Open call platform and microsite. Once the setup was complete, we concentrated on the ecosystem engagement activities to maximize market outreach and "idea flow".

Not only did we connect with contacts in Electrolux’s existing innovation ecosystem but also with contacts within our own network.

Every project requires a continuously updated mapping out of the target market throughout the engagement. For this reason, the SkipsoLabs team also interacts directly with the innovators, startups, organizations, etc. who submit proposals. Through this activity, SkipsoLabs is able to create a database of potential target organizations.

We are the first level of contact for Electrolux’s users, and we help Electrolux throughout the entire process. Multiple online channels are also used to promote the calls and reach out to target individuals.

Finally, SkipsoLabs provides a detailed weekly report that informs Electrolux of key activities and updates, i.e., number of contacts approached, contacts interested, submissions, negative feedback, etc.

Through our collaboration, Electrolux has connected with thousands of startups and organizations, including universities, incubators, research centers, LinkedIn groups, experts, and more from all over the world.

If you want to learn more about the partnership between Electrolux and SkipsoLabs, the decision and implementation process, the functionality of the activities, and the results check out the full version of the Electrolux Case Study.

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