AMB and Skipso Unveil New Global Innovation Program

The innovation program “AMB D2BD” aims to identify and select innovative startups and SMEs in the packaging sector on a global scale.

Milan,  2nd March 2023 – AMB, a renowned global leader in food packaging, and Skipso, a leading provider of innovation advisory services and management platforms, have launched "AMBD2BD," an innovation program focused on the packaging sector. With support from management consulting firm SCS Consulting, the program seeks to collaborate with startups that are developing cutting-edge solutions for sustainable packaging, smart packaging, and improved shelf-life quality. In addition,AMB is also looking for innovative solutions from other key markets.

“The partnership with Skipso aligns and supports the innovative culture that we have within the AMB business,” says Giles Peacock, CEO of AMB. “The process will link us to some of the best startups and SMEs around the world as we continue to support sustainability transformation within the packaging sector. We’re excited about the new ideas and thinking that we will discover as we move through the process.”

The objectiveof the project is to drive innovation at AMB by fostering collaboration with forward-thinking entities from around the world to co-create pioneering solutions that will transform the packaging industry. The program’s focus areas include:  

  • BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY: Solutions that facilitate the introduction of raw and new materials in the packaging industry in the medium to long term. As well as applications that enable circular economies and enhance the performance of mono-material packaging or other/new product types with reduced plastic content.
  • INTELLIGENT & SMART PACKAGING: Innovative solutions that provide traceability and information about the value/supply chain path, and smart solutions that reduce quality failures in the process, while preventing the misuse of products in the customer chain.
  • PACKAGING QUALITY, PERMEABILITY & SHELF LIFE: Solutions that reduce oxygen and/or water vapour permeability of mono-material PET film, without affecting recyclability. Systems that ensure a higher level of protection or decontamination from the environment to extend product quality and shelf life, and innovations that enhance the mechanical properties of packaging, reducing the chance of breaking the pack during production and transportation.
  • INNOVATIVE MARKETS: Innovative ideas from other sectors that can positively impact on AMB or expand its markets, as well as solutions that can enhance AMB’s existing assets for new purposes.

AMB D2BD is open to all the startups, scaleups, university spin-offs and SMEs that are developing innovative products or services with original business models aligned with AMB's strategy.

Interested startups can submit their application at before the deadline of April 16th, 2023. A jury will evaluate the submissions, and the most promising ideas that align with AMB’s corporate goals will be selected to participate in the final Pitch Day event. During this event, selected startups will have the opportunity to present their solutions or products to AMB's executive team. Following the Pitch Day, three startups will be selected to collaborate with AMB on the development of a joint Proof of Concept.

"We are proud to support AMB in this co-innovation process with innovative startups,” said Carlo Soresina, co-founder and CEO of Skipso. "Working jointly with international startups and scaleups provides a unique opportunity to envision the future of packaging and prepare for tomorrow's challenges today. Through our Co-Innovation Hub, Skipso's international network of incubators, accelerators, and startups, we can connect AMB with a globalinnovation ecosystem."


AMB is a leading international company that delivers a unique difference to the food and food packaging industry. From film production through to packaging design under one roof, a complete end2end process for our customers.

We are innovators and believe that to find the answers to the big questions you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Our pursuit of constant improvement drives us to design, create and deliver the best in everything we do. Not for us as a company but for our customers. Because one thing is for certain, a quick and easy way is not the sustainable way.

AMB are Designed to be Different.


Founded in 2008, Skipso provides innovation software solutions and advisory services to leading companies, universities, government agencies, accelerators, and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Starting from the ambitious goal of creating a platform to support and accelerate sustainable innovation worldwide, Skipso has become one of the leading international players in innovation management. Skipso' advisory services help companies source innovation from different channels and define the right approach to scale innovative products and solutions within their organization.

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