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Consulting giant developed a robust, modular solution to consolidate multiple data sources in a customized knowledge management tool.

The challenge

The consulting giant was looking for a robust, modular solution to leverage and consolidate four different information sources: Property internal data, third-party data, information collected through client engagements and data submitted by companies using open innovation initiatives as the catalyst.


The solution

To solve this complex, multi-faceted challenge, Skipso customized the design and features of its SaaS innovation solution. We added an API integration with third-party data sources enabling the client to host both proprietary and public market intelligence in one place.

The customized innovation ecosystem is relational and includes the following custom functionality:

  • Ability to add custom data fields with an easy to use form builder
  • Visual cues facilitating the search for relevant industry partners, products and services
  • The assignment module makes it easy for users to visualize connections between companies, internal stakeholders, and market studies
  • Advanced search tool and categorized results
  • The ability to follow and get notified about updates regarding choice on industry trends, keyword tags, individual companies, experts, and other knowledge assets
  • The ability to rate and comment on profiles and display the number of their profile views
  • Customizable user dashboards allowing users to follow entries and keywords that are relevant to their work

The results

The adoption of Skipso’ solution has led to tangible improvements in the partner sourcing process for consultants’ clients in terms of pace and efficiency. The ecosystem has already facilitated numerous client engagements, allowing the organization to connect all the dots without spending time in capturing, processing and storing data. Although its current functionality is extensive, the platform is scalable in term of supporting the client’s needs for future innovation programs and initiatives. The consulting leader plans to use the open call feature in the future, aiding innovation for their clients on an individual basis and according to their specific needs at any given time.

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