HSC Next

Health Innovation Accelerator

The challenge

As one of the most prominent universities in the United States, the University of North Texas (UNT) sets a strong strategic focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within its community. 

With this in mind, the university had the objective to develop HSC next. HSC is composed of two teams: An Innovation Ecosystem team focused on building on- and off-campus environments to foster innovation and an Innovation Pipeline team focused on generating and managing potential innovations arising from campus, and off-campus activities. 

UNT’s innovation teams had a challenge on their hands. To enable this innovation program the teams needed to manage multiple open calls and challenges, manage various work flows and users, while also needing a place to store key events and resources for participants in the program. 

UNT decided to look for an external digital partner to help them develop a platform that could allow its teams to manage all their projects.


The solution

To provide them with a highly customizable solution UNT turned to Skipso to help them create a platform from scratch that could truly benefit its community. 

Having gathered all the necessary requirements in just a few weeks, Skipso implemented the new platform ready for community use immediately.

Through the platform: 

  • Students and faculty were able to submit ideas through a fully-branded online platform
  • A customized ideation workflow helped the  judges move ideas from one stage of development to the next 
  • Scorecards were configured on the platform to help judges make evaluations based on predefined criteria Directories were enabled to allow the platform to house resources and events
  • Submission and users were managed through a centralized location, allowing admins to easily manage all segments of the program

The results

In 6 months since the launch of the platform UNT has already launched 5 open calls focused on addressing topics such as health science, medication safety, animal research and health literacy. The challenges have garnered over (a number of) viable ideas and solutions.

Utilizing Skipso’s technology, the UNT were able to build a powerful platform that provided their community with dedicated space to foster innovation.

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